Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Top Four Social Networks - and how I relate to each

Am probably on 100+ of social and professional networks that I can't even remember joining. The ones I kept on using are the ones that provided the most value to me personally and professionally one way or the other. I still use about a dozen other professional and niche networks, but am not talking about those today.

This post is about the social networks I love using the most and use almost on a daily basis; which are Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Despite the many similar features, I find each network is unique; in how I use it and what it means to me.

Twitter, I find provides a window to the world, or one big social event that never ends; from news to gossip, music & videos, intelligent and not so intelligent conversations, and I just love the topic focused chats. Twitter offers great two way exposure.  About 40% of my coaching clients found me on Twitter. 

LinkedIn, is brilliant in every possible way, professional and very useful, great for brainstorming ideas and sales leads. Groups, InMail and LinkedIn Today; well I just love. LinkedIn results in about 60% of my Consulting business, and 50% of that are of clients initiating first contact! 

Google Plus, well you just got to love the clean and simple layout. Google+ is where I learn about things and meet great people of brilliant minds. Hangouts are super cool, I've even used them for business meetings and coaching sessions. Though I found that most people are more comfortable having those over Skype. Circles make me happy, and Sparks I enjoy. Google+ to me is more about the people.

Facebook, well, its FACEbook, it's an interactive  family album and a school yearbook that updates me on what every family member, classmate and friend are all doing, playing and Liking. A little bit more personal than professional for me. Facebook Ads I found great for generating Page LIKES and creating traffic to outside links, that's about it. But Pages I like, more than Groups. Feel free to visit my pages. Coach Ghada Facebook Page  , Decapolis Consulting Facebook Page go ahead and LIKE them! 

Now concerning privacy issues on all social networks, most of posts and updates are PUBLIC, Facebook is where I pay more attention to privacy settings since the family and friends are almost all addicted to posting pictures almost instantaneously; and for the occasional awkward shared joke or link.

My personal Advice about privacy online, applies to the same advice I give about writing: if you don't want people to find about it, don't write it! simply don't put into writing anything that might come back one day and bite you!

With constant privacy policy and layout changes on any given social network, you just can't be sure! So, if you don't want people to find about it, JUST don't write it, don't post it, don't upload it. don't share it, don't tweet it, or even like or plus it.

The cat always gets out.

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