Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Benefits of Coaching

Benefits from life coaching can be immediate and often last a life time. Often a coach will offer a valuable suggestion or ask a question in a way that changes your thinking immediately.

Hiring the right coach can benefit you in many ways; here are how life coaching can help:

  • Life Coaching helps you to figure out your real priorities in your life.
  • Life Coaching helps to shorten the time frame to achieving your goals.
  • Life Coaching enables you to organize and brings structure to your life.
  • Life Coaching encourages you to go further and do more than what you would normally do by yourself. 
  • Life Coaching provides you with self-assurance, support, certainty,confidence, encouragement, motivation and inspiration depending on your needs and the situation. 
Those are benefits that you will experience personally and first hand. But often I have witnessed a ripple effect with my clients and their friends, family and coworkers. A good example is presented by my fellow coach Kelly Canull in her latest article, which she would love to share with us and thought that you may find useful too. In her article How a Life Coach Can Improve Employee Morale: Kelly shows how Life coaching can improve the quality of the workplace, and discusses benefits of coaching for both employees and management.  

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