Friday, January 18, 2013

12 Rules to Public SmartPhone Etiquette

Cell phones have become vital to our daily lives, and people are relying on them more and more for both business and private calls. Particularly smartphones  as they are rapidly evolving into indispensable devices.

With an increasingly connected society, it is becoming more and more important to know how to use these devices properly, without annoying or irritating those around us.

Following are twelve rules to using your smartphone in a way that allows you to conduct business but as not to annoy everyone around you!

    Twelve Rules

1.   If you are in a situation where you cannot move away from others, (a bus, theater, meeting, dinner table) you should not be using your smartphone. No one wants to listen to your conversation and it is rude to force them to do so. 

2.    If you use your phone for business, keep the ringer to a normal phone ring, not the latest Top 40 hit, or your favorite childhood song. 

3.    Turn your ringer off during public performances. 

4.   You do not need more than one electronic device with you at a time. Either use your cell phone, smartphone or your tablet, not both. And if you must do get a Phablet.

5.   Do not ever use your smartphone while driving. Pull over, and save yourself and your fellow drivers from a potentially dangerous situation. No Calls. No Texting. No skyping....etc. 

6.  Especially when in a business situation, do not wear an earpiece or other attachment for your phone. 

7.    Do not scream into your smartphone. You should be able to use your normal speaking voice, or do not make or receive the call. This prevents others from having to listen to your conversations. Having a poor viber-skype connection over WiFi is no excuse either.

8.    You do not need to have your smartphone with you everywhere. In fact, there are some places that a cell phone should never go, let alone a smartphone- such as a hospital, house of worship, a classroom, etc. Turn it off, or set it to Silent, if you must have it with you. No Facebooking.

9.    Do not try to show off all that your phone can do in a public place, that's what YouTube is for.

10. Do not take your phone out of your pocket, purse, or bag when in a meeting, at a meal, or other public venue just to hear it ring. Put it on vibrate or turn the ringer to a reasonable level that you can hear with it still safely tucked away in your pocket, purse or bag.

  11. If you are with company, in a meeting, at the dinner table, or even just visiting, do not         over do it with messengers, and you better not be continuously updating your social           networks status. No browsing. And certainly no AngryBirding.  

12. Before posting your captured photos of people with your smartphone, make sure you have their permission to post to your social networks; regardless whether they are your friends or just happened to be there. 

Be Connected. Be Considerate. Be Social. Be Polite. Be Safe.

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