Saturday, April 3, 2010

What can a life coach do for me?

The ideal coach can assist you to - 

  • Turn adversity into advantage 
  • Facilitate your way out of entanglements 
  • Help you to gain insights 
  • Provide support in time of need 
  • Overcome periods of depression 
  • Transmute despair into hope 
  • Motivate you to prosperity 
  • Create balance and harmony in your life 
  • Lead you to creative solutions 
  • Promote your personal development 
  • Encourage you to become more optimistic 
  • Love yourself more 
  • Passionately embrace life 
  • Enhance your relationships 
  • Become less vulnerable 
  • Custom-tailor an individualized career-path program for you 
  • Be more successful in your chosen career 
  • Eradicate destructive emotions 
  • Stimulate you to live enthusiastically 
  • Guide you to realizing your dreams 
  • Lead you to understand situations and their meaning 
  •  Empower you to improve your lifestyle, manage your time better, streamline your day, focus on goals and achieve them 

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